We had a great zoom meet and greet with comedians Lori Graves and Aric Grooms! Thanks to everyone who joined in for a little comedic relief!

We had a great meet and greet in Lawrence County with Ironton Mayor Sam Cramblit, Rebublicans, Democrats, business owners, teachers, and other voters interested in the campaign!

Interview with Staff Sergeant Hunter Bivens

SSgt. Bivens was a student in Stacy's introductory political science class at Ohio University - Chillicothe branch. He reached out to Stacy to find out more about her campaign and the 4th District. SSgt. Bivens is about to be deployed to Qatar and he has made it part of his mission to help others serving away from home to stay informed and be able to vote. Thank you, SSgt. Bivens for all you do!

Achieving Justice Series - Judge Jennifer Brunner interviews Stacy

...video coming soon!

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From Judge Brunner's Campaign Committee Website about the series:

This "Achieving Justice" interview is conducted by Judge Jennifer Brunner, currently a judge of Ohio's Tenth District Court of Appeals. Judge Brunner is a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court in 2020. "Achieving Justice" is an interview series to educate individuals about Ohio's judicial system and the judges and candidates for judge who serve and wish to serve their state and community. We'll continue this series each week to help voters across Ohio learn about their judicial candidates. The ballot on November 3 will not have party affiliation next to judicial candidates' names, so if you care about that, educate yourself. Our "Achieving Justice" series will help you learn about Ohio's judicial system and its candidates. Check out our website every Friday to see whom we've interviewed. We've met some amazing people, and so can you.

Campaign Kickoff with Special Guest, Governor Ted Strickland

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Zoom information will be provided upon RSVP to Rachel Rossi at

(614)284-9126 or [email protected]


Donations can be mailed to:

“Brooks for Judge”  P.O. Box 368, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

The maximum individual contribution limit is $1,300 and the organizational limit is $3,800.

No corporate checks are permitted.